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Councilman Bobby Henon

Councilman Bobby Henon represents Philadelphia's 6th Council District in Northeast Philadelphia, which includes the proud neighborhoods of Tacony, Mayfair, Holmesburg, Lexington Park, Holme Circle, Ashton, Bridesburg, Wissinoming, Port Richmond, East Torresdale, Castor Gardens, Oxford Circle, Rhawnhurst, Bells Corner, and Frankford.

He is a lifelong resident of the Northeast, where he lives with his wife, Jill, and their two sons, Matt and Zack. Learn more about Bobby. 

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Latest from Bobby's office:

Councilman Henon Releases Detail of Street Tree Pruning, Removal Efforts

Investment Clears More than 1,000 Problem Trees in 6th District April 16, 2015 (Philadelphia) - Councilman Bobby Henon’s office today released data on recent efforts to remove and prune more than 1,000 problem trees in the 6th District, in partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation....(Read More)

City Council Joint Committees Announce Comcast Neighborhood Hearing Topics

(Philadelphia) - With the release of today’s Needs and Interests Assessment by the Nutter administration, leading voices in Philadelphia City Council announced the topics of upcoming hearings around that assessment. Hearings will be held by the Joint Committees on Public Property & Public Works, chaired by Councilman Bobby Henon (6th......(Read More)

Councilman Henon Seeks More Input on Franchise Agreement

The below statement from Councilman Henon is in response to a resolution introduced to hold joint hearings on the upcoming needs assessment and renewal of Comcast's 15-year franchise agreement.  "Philadelphia will soon begin negotiations with Comcast for renewal of Comcast’s current 15-year cable television franchise, which expires in 2015. That process......(Read More)

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