FY15 Budget

Each fiscal year, the Mayor presents City Council with a proposed budget outlining the Administration's spending priorities for the coming fiscal year. In the FY15 budget, as presented in bill #140146, Mayor Nutter has made strides in public safety (adding funding for 400+ additional police officers) quality of life (adding back funding for libraries to stay open on Saturdays) and funding for more L&I building inspectors.

There are still many areas in need of improvement and investigation - which is why City Council holds budget hearings to speak with each department and City agency about how to best apply or modify the proposed ordinance. 

Bobby's office developed an interactive budget tool (h/t Tableau software) to give residents a visual of the proposed FY15 budget. They can zero in on a department or agency (not to a staff salary level) to see how the Administration looks to apply budget dollars.

Users can reset the budget and start over by hitting the refresh-icon-614x460.png at the bottom, share with their friends and followers on social media and email. Click here to get started!


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